How to treat a anal fissure

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How to treat a anal fissure she receives a visit from her lover. A guy more than her, married and frustrated in love. I would say rather frustrated in sex lol! That’s why he fell back on a very pretty blonde using a dream body who also loves sucking a cock, fucking it acrobatically and taking it in the ass. He’s gonna do this all to her in this hottest scene! I really liked when she set down on top of him, pressing her moist and oily vulva to his mouth. They had a really nice 69 through which she devours his cock. She jumped to his neck so that he kissed her standing acrobatically. He also took it as being a missionary by spreading her thighs and pumping her vagina while kneading the anus with his fingertips. He will turn out fucking her ass and putting her deep in their own ass. He will cum on her behalf pretty slutty blonde breasts.

Date: November 30, 2020
Actors: gia / gia dimarco

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